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Reasons why you must go ahead with your Canada immigration plans

Canadian Immigration

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Canada has introduced certain strict measures. People have been asked to stay indoors and borders have been closed except for non-essential travel. However, the Canada immigration system remains operational and the applications for immigration are being received and processed both at the federal level and through provincial nominee programs.
In this context, you might be wondering whether you must go ahead with your Canada immigration plans. The immigration experts think that it is ideal to continue your preparations for moving to Canada as the current situation is only temporary.
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Canada needs immigrants

Canada still needs immigrants to sustain a healthy population growth, boost the economy and strengthen the labour market of the country. Canada’s plan was to admit up to 390000 newcomers by 2022. Though this target might not be met, it is expected that Canada would ramp up immigration once the economic recovery begins.

Processing time matters

If you submit an application for Canada migration now, it would take around six to twelve months to complete the processing. So it would be ideal to apply now, so that you can move to Canada as soon as the  COVID-19 crisis is over.

Work permit holders

For those who are already in Canada on a work permit, there is no better time than now to apply for immigration. The immigration draws that have taken place recently clearly gave priority to those who are already in Canada. The two Express Entry draws that happened after the restrictions were introduced specifically targeted provincial nominees and Canadian Experience Class candidates, who are most likely to be in Canada at the time receiving the invitation.

Road to recovery

The Canada government has announced a set of measures to enable the country to recover fast from the impact of COVID-19. The country would certainly be needing new immigrants to assist in the recovery.
There is no doubt that immigration will remain a central part of the country’s economic recovery. It is expected that Canada and its provinces would remain committed to the immigration plans for meeting the country’s long-term economic goals.
If you have Canada immigration in your mind, don’t hesitate to start the preparations. For any assistance or guidance on Canada immigration, contact the expert immigration consultants of CanApprove.

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